Thursday, 18 February 2016

Wedding Anniversary Flowers For Your Sweetheart

Even though the days and years continue to pass, the love you both share continues to grow stronger. Years of wedding make you both get to know and manage several facets of life. Between all the responsibilities, you unknowingly forget that you both need to spend some special moments together. This is another reason that wedding anniversary must be celebrated in a way that could never be forgotten. Choose to spend the whole day with your honeybun and amaze him/her with lovely surprises. Make sure you choose wedding anniversary flowers and gifts of your sweetheart’s choice. Hope the below list that brings unique flower choices for male and female help you. Read on.

Flowers For Her

Combo of Rose & Lily

Women love rose and lily of different colors. If you buy a combo of roses and lily, it will definitely sweeten your relation. A separate bouquet of any of these is also a nice idea.


A bouquet laden with daisies is one of the prettiest gifts for your beloved. You can also add a cake with the daisy collection to add more charm.


A bouquet from a multicolored tulip garden along with a teddy bear is one of the greatest things you can do to make her smile. 

Flowers For Him


And this string choice will get you a warm hug from your handsome hubby. Bouquet of Yellow, purple or white orchids or the collection of all these turns out to be an excellent gift for men.

Caribbean With Lily

Buy a bouquet with blue caribbean flowers and pair them with yellow lilies. There you go!


Be a men or women, rose is loved by all. A combo of yellow, red, and white roses is a nice gift for husband. Team the combination with a nice flower pot. Place the order today with us.