Thursday, 25 June 2015

Love at First Sight

From the day one of our college, I had a crush on him. I was doing the things that could never expect from myself. His first step in the class made me keep my eyes glued to him; meanwhile, another girl sitting beside me muttered “God! He is a dude”. I gave her a dirty look with a feeling of never talking to her in future. Anyways, it was good to see someone with looks and brains who made every next girl his fan is a short span of time. However, that man with attitude hardly spoke to any girl in the class. My lips were sealed every time I encountered him. It did not matter to him at all as I was alike every other girl for him in class.
Love at First Sight

Fortunately, we both were placed in the same group for experiments in lab. Time passed and we began involving into conversations, however, I never let my feelings come out to him. He held my stares many times; maybe he was trying to confirm if I had feelings for him. We studied together, shared nice moments, and that is how we got closer to each other. Most girls in our class cursed me just because of the cute bond we sharing. I was waiting for the courage and strength to bring those feelings on my lips. 

It was my birthday and his not wishing me made me upset. Surprisingly, he came to me during the break and gave me all the happiness with his words, that marvelous bouquet of red roses, and the beautiful cake. While holding my hand for the first time, he said

Happy Birthday my friend! May the Lord bless you with my love and care.
I love you; will you marry me?

Lo and behold! It was so unexpected that I could not believe if it was a reality. It seemed that the whole universe was supporting me. It was undoubtedly the best birthday ever.

Yes, FBN does miracles that way only.

To chaliye badhate hain rishton me mithaas FBN ke saath!